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Bloodstock Services

Pedigree Analyses for Stallions and Broodmares. This service contemplates identifying the types of mates that are most likely to lead to the creation of better racehorses. Taking into consideration the complex nature of the horse's phenotype and genotype, we analyze a plethora of factors that contribute to helping you select the best mates for your horse(s) within your budget. Price for an analysis varies based on how in depth each analysis is.  

Public Auction Services. This service contemplates our thorough review of the auction catalogue(s) and the creation of a "short list” based on pedigree and other client-based parameters. We then physically inspect each horse on that “short list” to create an even shorter list which the client can use as the basis to acquire more horses for his/her stable. Depending upon the size of the catalogue, the short list will typically range anywhere between 15 and 50 horses from which to bid. The cost for this service is based on industry standards. 

Private Sales. This service includes identifying, locating and/or negotiating the private purchase or sale of a horse, in addition to supervising the veterinarian examination. We also will facilitate the preparation of any purchase and sale agreement, as well as coordinating any shipping arrangements should the horse need to be relocated. 

Stable Management. For an annual fee, this service can be utilized for racing and breeding stables of all sizes and can include all of the aforementioned services, plus trainer communications, scheduling, and general budget management. Pricing is flexible based upon each client's needs.

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